About Equity Roadmap

Equity Roadmap is a non-profit umbrella organization that primarily serves Black and Brown communities in Massachusetts. We support youth and families by connecting them to equitable opportunities throughout their community. We aim to foster and uplift communities who find themselves on the margins through our programs and initiatives.

Our Vision

Equity Roadmap creates spaces of joy and fulfillment for young Black and Brown students who may find themselves holding a sense of diminished social, emotional, and physical well-being. Equity Roadmap strives to create various opportunities to set youth and their families on the path for the most favorable outcomes in an effort to close the opportunity gap.
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How it Started

Equity Roadmap began as a dream during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our founders, Debbie, Will, and Kini saw the immense need for Black and Brown scholars to have a safe space to speak with community mentors, learn new skills, and have a warm meal. During this time the Pandemic afflicted many families with unfortunate circumstances and as a team we wanted to go beyond our sphere of influence to foster communities that validate and support the youth and families who need it most. After many late night meetings and information sessions, Equity Roadmap was born. Today, we continue the work of closing opportunity gaps for our most vulnerable families.
Debbie Bonilla

Debbie Bonilla

Co-Founder and President

Debbie is the Family Engagement Specialist for Cambridge Public Schools, a Core Member of the Building Equity Bridges Team, as well as Co-Founder of Canopy Equity Coaching. Debbie also finds time to be a parent to 3 wonderful children as well as serve as a pillar of support for many communities within the City of Cambridge.

Will Adams

Will Adams

Co-Founder and Vice President

Will is a lifelong Youth Worker and former Family and Community Liaison for Cambridge Public Schools where he served as one of the lead Cultural Proficiency Seminar Facilitators at the Cambridge Street Upper School. Will now continues his work assisting children and families as a Service Coordinator for Roxbury Youthworks.

Kini Udovicki

Kini Udovicki

Co-Founder and Community Outreach Liaison

Kini is a School Adjustment counselor for the Cambridge Public Schools High School extension program. A former Cultural Proficiency Seminar Facilitator and staunch social activist. Kini is a long time Cambridge resident and parent and holds a deep history and connection to the city of Cambridge and it’s residents.

Our Programs

From The Spot, to Friday Night Hype, we produce and partner to implement programs and deliver resources to the community.

Donate to Support Cambridge Families

Equity Roadmap offers resources to families and youth in our communities to help provide equitable opportunities for all students in Cambridge. From clothing, to educational programing, and fun activities, your gift will provide resources and opportunities directly to youth in your community.

Volunteer to Create a More Equitable Community

Help build an equitable community together by volunteering. From mentoring, to lending your expertise and time, we would love to hear how you might help support Equity Roadmap’s mission to combat systemic inequalities and help address the opportunity gap in our community.