About Us

Meet the team of compassionate and dedicated individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to help lead our youth to equity.


Will Adams

C-Founder and Vice President

Will is the Family and Community Liaison at Cambridge St. Upper School. Where he serves as one of the lead Cultural Proficiency Seminar Facilitators.

Debbie Bonilla

C-Founder and President

Debbie is the Family Engagement Specialist for Cambridge Public Schools, a Core Member of the Building Equity Bridges Team, as we as Co-Founder of Canopy Equity Coaching. Debbie also finds time to be a Parent to 3 wonderful children.

Kini Udovicki

Co-Founder and Community Outreach Liaison

Kini is a School Adjustment counselor for the Cambridge Public Schools High School extension program. A former Cultural Proficiency Seminar Facilitator and staunch social activist. Kini is a long time Cambridge Resident and parent.